Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Goals for 2013

I really want my life to be more rounded and fulfilling. I hate filling like I am just floating around and taking up space. 

  1. Read 4 books a month
  2. Workout 3 times a week
  3. Run a 5k
  4. Learn a new hobby
  5. Do 1 DIY project a month
  6. Lose 60 pounds ( 5 month)
  7. Create 12 new habits
  8. Build this blog
  9. Help build the mommies group
  10. Better my appearance
  11. Make a new friend
  12. Take more pictures
  1. Write Dave a love letter once a month
  2. Start packing him a healthy lunch
  3. Keep the house more organized (this should and will go under home, but the man is OCD)
  4. Do at least 5 couples Bible studies together
  5. Do 7 Bible studies on a Godly wife on my own
  6. Date night at least twice a month
  7. Do at least on weekend getaway
  8. Get involved in a our life group from couples
  9. Become friends with a couple close to our age that is on the same page with us
  10. Be less snappy ( I really can be a witch)
  11. Get him a just because I can gift
  12. Be more helpful
  1. Make more time to play
  2. Set aside one day for each child a month
  3. Be more patient 
  4. Read more
  5. Play outside more
  6. Get homework done daily
  7. Start stockpiling school supplies
  8. Daily devotion
  9. Enforce chores so they can grow to be responsible and able to handle being on their own
  10. Get Kaden ready for Kindergarten
  11. Read 5 Godly mom books
  12. Make each boy a scrapbook
Health and Beauty
  1. Wear makeup 5 days a week
  2. Fix Hair everyday
  3. Whiten teeth weekly
  4. Mani/Pedi weekly
  5. Eyebrows weekly
  6. Workout 3 days a week
  7. Run 5 k
  8. Lose 60 pounds
  9. Quit Smoking
  10. Drink more water
  11. Find Homeopathic remedies
  12. Cook dinner 6 nights a week
  1. Monthly money check up
  2. Set pay with cash goals
  3. Set 5 year financial goal
  4. Build Emergency fund $1000
  5. Then Build to 3-6 month saving fund
  6. Build Stockpile
  7. Master the art of coupons
  1. Declutter
  2. Do a yard sale
  3. Home management journal
  4. Do load of laundry everyday
What are your goals? Feel free to comment and link up.

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