Saturday, January 5, 2013


Here is a confession of this mama... I am a crunchy mama. This means that I am a "neo-hippy" as some refer to us. I do not follow all aspects of this life style but am becoming more and more deep into it as money will allow. I am a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, baby lead weaning, co-sleeping  baby wearing, holistic medicine mama. Many people believe that this life style is for crazy uneducated people. Well I am here to tell you that I am far from uneducated. I have 3 degrees and counting. One trick of the crunchy mom lifestyle... garlic!

1. Heal a cold
Garlic has an antibacterial property. I do not like taking antibiotics due to the side effects associated with these chemicals. I would much rather put something that God made into my body than something engineers made. I am a nurse and I know that these medicines work and the pros outweigh the cons. However, I always like to try herbal remedies before going the chemical route. This is something that I am doing right now to treat this awful head cold that I have.  Take three to four garlic cloves a day and it will help clear it up. I cut my cloves into little pieces and swallow them like pills.

2. Heal acne
Place half a clove on the blemish for 10 minutes several times a day and notice how the redness goes away. I have also heard that it helps with cyst, fever blisters and psoriasis.

3. It is a great cough syrup
Make with hot water like a tea and drink. I would add honey to make it taste better and honey soothes the throat and it also a natural cough suppressant.

What is your favorite holistic remedy?

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